Transforming Communities
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Our Work

We target overlooked sites, visualizing their highest and best potential.

We lead co-ventures, using rapport with industry and community players.

We execute successful, one-of-a-kind projects — leaving our mark on Virginia’s streetscapes and skylines.

The result: Impactful development that advances the built environment.





Manchester Flats

Coupling industrial charm with a modern twist in Richmond’s most independent riverfront district.

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The Nest

Modern living just steps from restaurants, breweries, and gaming in Scott’s Addition.

The Locks

A waterside community in the core of downtown over one of Richmond’s most unique attractions, the Canal Walk.


The Locks Tower

A cosmopolitan new addition to Richmond’s skyline, built for stunning views.

South Falls

Reviving Old Town Manchester with contemporary, luxury living.



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Miller Lofts

Luxury living at an affordable price — and one of Manchester’s original modern living spaces.


Upscale residential development on the edge of the Fan District at Stuart Circle.

Carlton Views

Crafted carefully with a modern twist to accommodate those living with disabilities.




P.A.C.E. Centers

Thoughtfully designed, all-inclusive and affordable care for seniors.

Plant Zero

The hub of the Manchester Warehouse District, with modern living, offices, and local art.