P.A.C.E. Centers

  • Two adaptive reuse and one new construction buildings 

  • 87,000 square feet

  • Scott’s Addition (Richmond), Charlottesville, and Petersburg, Va.


Personalized and comfortable care for seniors

Fountainhead began a relationship with Riverside Health System to develop medical office buildings in 2012. Each center serves as the Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly, or P.A.C.E, which serves local residents, allowing them to live at home and receive the comprehensive services needed. Fountainhead developed additional locations in Petersburg and Charlottesville after the initial project in Richmond was a success.  

PACE (Macnhester).png
PACE Interior.jpg

Scott’s Addition P.A.C.E.

Blue Ridge P.A.C.E.

Petersburg P.A.C.E.