Plant Zero

  • Two historic warehouses 

  • One story 

  • 60,000 square feet


One of the original developments of the new Manchester

Plant Zero was our first project, completed in 2002. It’s made up of three historic buildings that date to the early 20th century, including a boot manufacturer, clothing plant, and a paper plant. The revitalization of Manchester began with the development of The Commons at Plant Zero, setting the foundation for what is now referred to as the core of Manchester’s Warehouse District. Plant Zero is less a building and more a community of uniquely designed apartments, art studios, commercial and retail spaces, event areas, and restaurants. You can find Plant Zero just across the Mayo Bridge in downtown Richmond.

“Plant Zero” is what the former industrial owner of the property called it, and the name stuck,

The original occupants of the apartment buildings here at Plant Zero produced blankets, tents and cots for the military during World War I. The Westvaco Paper Co. was also an occupant, and produced the first Marlboro Cigarette cartons. They later lost their contract to Philip Morris. Plant Zero pays homage by spreading the color red throughout the community.

Plant Zero won the 2008 Anderson Award for Excellence in Historic Rehabilitation given by the National Housing & Rehabilitation Association in the category of “Best Adaptive Reuse & Commercial Rehab.”

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